Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll
Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll

Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll

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Born in Ireland Coll and his brother got into the thick of things early in life.  Coll was at first an enforcer and strong arm man for Dutch Schultz.  When he demanded that he be made a partner Schults let him know it wasn't going to happen.  Coll left with a vendetta against Scultz and took sever of the gang members with him.

At one point the  Coll gang raided one of Dutch Schultz's beer drops, destroying ten trucks and 150 slot machines, and two days later, Coll killed Louis De Rosa, a Schultz lieutenant.

In the next several weeks, Coll's gang targeted several of Schultz's mob, killing several gang men and several innocent bystanders, including a five-year old boy.

Lacking in business acumen to take over the underworld beer industry, he then decided to meet his financial needs by the successful strategy of kidnapping people for ransom. Prior to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1932, kidnapping was not a federal offense, and gangs often kidnapped famous personalities or rival bootleggers to obtain ransoms for them.

He is suspected of having kidnapped Broadway singer Rudy Vallee, supposedly obtaining $100,000 from Vallee, and later kidnapped Sherman Billingsly, owner of the Stork Club, the best-known restaurant in New York. For Billingsly's release, Coll obtained $25,000. In June 1931, he kidnapped George "Big Frenchy" De Mange, an important subordinate of gangster Owney Madden. Madden paid a ransom of $38,300 for Big Frenchy's release. Shortly after this, Coll kidnapped Billy Warren, a banker for the New York mob, and received $83,000 for his release. 

After Coll successfully beat a police charge of murder, Dutch Schultz posted a $50,000 reward for Coll's murder. He was killed by a member of Owney Madden's gang, when he fired a submachine gun into a drug store telephone booth where Coll had gone to make a call. He died with 18 bullets in him. Less than 6 months later, the remaining members of the Coll gang were either killed or were in prison.


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