Welcome We Only Kill Each Other and Mobster Miniatures!

Posted by FrankMcGovern on 8/26/2019 to News
Welcome We Only Kill Each Other and Mobster Miniatures!
Welcome to our online store! Here you will find our entire line of 1920's - 1930's 'We Only Kill Each Other' Gangsters. We are proud to announce that at long last we are open for business. If you have any questions about this store or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.
This first release of the line is comprised of 8 bosses, 20 soldiers, 2 vignettes of 3 and 4 figures and one civilian figure- our little newsboy 'Headline Henry'.
You can buy figures singly, as a gang, the entire range is available in the 'An Offer Too Good to Refuse' package. If you buy the figures via the 'Deals' you will realize a savings of 20% off the cost of buying the figures and vignettes separately. All of our figures are made of 100% lead-free pewter and come unpainted.
The Deals
You wanna break, a deal? Fageddaboudit! You got it! All the deals we got are 20% cheaper than buying the same number of single castings!
Don't forget to check out the deals page while you are here:
You save 20% over buying the figures or vignettes as singles and here are two ways to make your money go even further.
1) All orders over 50 dollars allow you to take your choice of one free figure: "Headline Henry," Meyer Lansky or "Abba Dabba" Berman.
2) All orders of 100 dollars and greater include Meyer Lansky for free and your choice of either "Headline Henry" or "Abba Dabba" Berman
They're all good deals, Gumbah! Open up dem deep pockets and deal!
Our intent is to expand the line as soon as possible, though sales will help determine that. We have some ideas for the "second wave," and we welcome your input. Let us know what you would like to see - whether it's more gangsters, Bulls (street cops), G-men, civilians, or whatever. If the demand justifies them, we'll try to produce them.
I have always wanted to create a line of NY gangsters, sort of a bucket list thing. So, I have. The marvelous sculptor of the greens that put the idea into 'flesh' was Alan McGuire, a very talented sculptor from the UK. Most of the terrific photographs of the painted figures you see are courtesy of Glen Allison of the Pacific Northwest., Other figures were painted by Kaleb Dissinger of "Paint My Soldiers," and mold creation and casting by Zombiesmith Miniatures of Oakland California. Lastly, I received advice and support from my friend Patrick Wilson of the Virtual Armchair General, author of the Rules 'We Only Kill Each Other" and the marvelous, inexpensive cardstock building designs "Mean Streets" and "Mean Sets." The figures, rules, and buildings complement each other like steak and potatoes!
So, enough talking! They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so see for yourself!

Beer Heist

Bugsy pays a call on Berman

It's Only Business

Heavy Artillery

It's Curtains

Mexican Standoff

No Reprieve

A Pier in Brooklyn

I have had requests for comparisons of WOKEO to other manufacturers - below is a comparison of WOKEO, Pulp Figures by Bob Murch, Brigade Miniatures and Copplestone.
                                   Comparison                                                                  Comparison