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Mean Streets and Mean Sets

From the imagination of the late Scott Saylors, and the designs of Patrick Wilson for Studio 33 Productions, comes Mean Streets, the first comprehensive effort to provide Gangster, Pulp Fiction, Sci-Fi and Horror gamers with the period urban environment crucial to their miniatures scenarios. Rules and figures for these have come and gone, but never before have the city streets, buildings, sidewalks, alleys, etc, so vital to the look and success of these games been available with such comprehensive detail and affordability.

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Mean Streets is a range of full color, self-assembly building models to be printed on card stock Block Sections in 1:60 scale (28mm), uniformly 10" square, though of variable height. Created using photographic textures and architectural features proper for the period of around 1920 to about 1950, the buildings have a look that can hardly be equaled in any other medium, and for far less cost, time, and effort. Each Block Section represents all walls and roofs of one or more buildings along one street side, then around the corners to the opposite side facing the next street. Four Block Sections may be fitted into a standardized Full Block of 56" length and 14" width (including one 2" alley between each building, and a central alley 4" wide, with 2" wide sidewalks all around). Each Block Section may be bought separately, as may street surfaces, sidewalks, and much more, for those wishing the maximum variety in their own layouts.

The following Layout Schematic shows how to fit basic parts of the project together, but only hints at what can be done with the Block Sections and various accessories.

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"Dice, Figures... ACTION!"

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“Mean Sets” provide inexpensive but highly practical interiors in which fans of role-playing games of the first half of the 20th Century may place and move their 25/28mm scale alter egos. These Sets complement TVAG's line of 25/28mm scale City Blocks, "Mean Streets," but not designed to fit inside the buildings themselves.

Though very expensive resin models of entire buildings and even some interiors are available, the plain fact is that they do not lend themselves to the filmic nature of "Pulp Fiction" games. Even if there is room to physically reach down into the model to move figures, no one can see the action except from above: Fine miniatures, beautifully painted, but only whose heads/hats/shoulders are visible to players who can only look directly down on them!

The obvious solution was to draw a lesson from the Hollywood that inspires so much of the hobby’s imagery. That is, place the action on classic movie “Sets”: Rooms without ceilings and only two or three walls so that the characters can be seen as they move and interact. During games, it now is possible not only to do this, but players can have the fun of actually seeing the action at eye-level!

Each Set comes with decorations, furniture and/or other accessories including rugs, period art, posters, advertising, etc, that complement its purpose.

Some "props" are not practical in paper, so links are provided to other vendors of everything else you might need to dress your Sets, establishing the mood and period of your games. Candlestick telephones, cash registers, desks, chairs, beds, lamps, and even pull chain toilets (like the one that proved very useful in a certain classic Gangster film of some fame) are available.

More "Mean Sets" are constantly in the works—and, "Yes!," your suggestions are welcome!

Each "Mean Set" is provided in PDF format and delivered free by E-Mail for $10.00.

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